New Bank Account With Debit Card Included


The account will come with a Debit card which means all you need to do is simply age the account or you can use it for whatever purposes you would like.


New Bank Account With Debit Card Included

Bank Account With Debit Card

This order is only available in AB and ON for now.

You will receive

  • Registered bank account from either Scotia, TD, or RBC Bank (if you choose this option. Because the account will have been set up for you with a debit card, the only thing left for you to do is wait until the account is old enough to use the card, or you can put it to any use you please).
  • A tutorial that explains how to cash out cheques issued by the Canadian government. You can withdraw anywhere from 1,500 all the way up to 5,000 using this strategy without setting off any kind of probe into your activity. We are personally employing this strategy in order to get wealthy during the course of the Covid.

Participate in the activity now, before it’s too late!


You will be required to equip us with a profile that already has an open credit report in order for us to be able to open one for you (You provide a user so that you have full control of your own profile). It will take approximately three to five days for the card to be mailed to you, and shortly after that, they will email the PIN to you, and then you will be DONE.


Don’t fall victim to scammers!

The internet is littered with phony bank account stores and forums that offer nothing but harmful malware. As a result, they frequently seem to be legitimate websites selling bank records. Scammers, on the other hand, prefer to advertise and promote their software for hacking bank records. Consequently, we are able to ensure a safe and secure method for you to acquire a bank account. We provide lightning-fast response times and unwavering quality. The greatest bank account solutions will be delivered to you on time, we guarantee.


Dealing with us

  • First, go to our Shop Page and choose the account balance you want to pay for. Then, click on My Account to view your cart, go to Checkout, and place your order. You can buy things even if you don’t have an account, but you will be asked for your email when you check out. We will send the bank account details to the email address you give us.
  • After you click “Place Order,” the only way to pay is with bitcoin. But if you have another cryptocurrency you can contact us and we will provide you the wallet address to place your order.
  • Bitcoin funding is fully automated and has to go through all confirmations before it can be deposited into our account. It takes 5 to 15 minutes for funds to reflect in our account.
  • We only give you real and 100% working information, and if you have any problems with the account, you can contact us and we’ll help you or give you new ones.






Dear Customer, Thank You! Various chat apps including WhatsApp, Email, Telegram, and ICQ are used by fraudsters and impersonators pretending to be Buypagescript representatives and administrators. Don’t fall prey to these scammers. It’s important to use the contact options offered solely on our site to get in touch with us. This will ensure that you are speaking to the proper person and admin. On chat sites, there are a lot of fraudsters eager to steal your money and ruin our reputation, so don’t search for our identities there. Rather Click on the contact addresses available on the site.



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