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Latest Paytm wallet Carding – COMPLETE NOODS TUT

Paytm wallet Carding

Paytm wallet Carding

To do carding on Paytm you must need to have a valid live cc with a loaded balance, if you have CC then ok, or if you need CC then you buy CC from this site (click the link above to buy live CC) then you will need to follow the above process

How to do Carding on Paytm Full Process Step by Step:

1. Create a new Paytm account or change your Paytm wallet name same as the CC holder name
2. Then connect Shocks5 or VPN same country where CC has been issued
3. Now go to the ‘Add Money’ option and enter the amount within 20k
4. Select ‘Credit Card’ as payment mode and enter card details carefully
5. Finally click on the ‘Pay Now’ button and wait until you get a successful message
That’s all, you might think the process is too easy right? But not so easy my friend because if Paytm detects anything unusual activity in your account then you will receive a message like this ‘Sorry money can’t be added at this time or something else, even your account might be blocked if you do anything wrong so try to do all steps carefully

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If you didn’t understand my process then don’t be upset we will try to make you understand by telling you the process in detail, even I will explain more about it so let’s read this article till the end.

First of all, you need to buy a live cc for carding so the first visit this link to buy CC and after buying you have to create a new Paytm account with CC owner name or if you don’t new phone number to create a new Paytm account then you can change your account name

After that, you need to download a VPN (you can use HMA, Vyper) and then connect that VPN at the same as the CC country for example if CC is issued from the USA then connect VPN to the USA.

Now, open Paytm wallet and click on Add Money option > enter the amount of 5000 Rs at once then select ‘Credit Card’ as payment mode and enter cc details like Holder Name, Number, CVV code and click on ‘Pay Now’ option.

That’s all, you will receive the successful message instantly and money will be added to your Paytm wallet, then you can send that money to any other wallet or your bank, or you can also do shopping on Paytm.

How much balance can I add to Paytm through carding method?

You can add up to 20k per month as per Paytm terms and conditions, however, you also have a chance to increase the monthly limit by upgrading your wallet with KYC, but it’s risky for carding.

Which country is good for Paytm carding?

Well, India is always best for any Indian site or wallet but it meant that international cards are bad they are also good and safe than Indian cards so always use the international cards.

What can I do with paytm wallet balance after adding money to wallet?

You can do anything, it’s like real cash, you can pay for anything, better to buy the product from that balance for security reasons.


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