You are currently viewing How To Scam On LocalBitcoins – Updated Carders Guide

How To Scam On LocalBitcoins – Updated Carders Guide

How To Scam On LocalBitcoins – Updated Carders Guide

How To Scam On LocalBitcoins

Basic Level:

Requirements To Scam On LocalBitcoins:

-Localbitcoins Account with email access (The more feedback, the more you will make and the easier this will be)


-Put up to $550 worth of bitcoin into your LocalBitcoins account


How To Scam On LocalBitcoins - Updated Carders Guide 2022
How To Scam On LocalBitcoins


-Make a listing for moneypak/vanilla reload and make sure your rate is the best rate(Make the trade minimum whatever you want, and the maximum 510. Because moneypaks only go up to $500, and for this scam, you only have time to get the one moneypak)

-When someone opens trade with you message them something along the lines of “Message me the picture of the code and receipt I will log into my PayPal/get my pre-paid card”

-After you have messaged them that copy paste this or something similar into your chat and send it IMMEDIATELY AFTER they send you the picture of the receipt and code (The closer you can send it to their message the better)

“Hey, WAIT don’t send the code. I just logged into my PayPal and it says it’s limited. I have no idea what that means. I’m going to call them. Not sure how to fix this but it says I can’t add or withdraw funds and that I need to verify a bunch of information and my identity and stuff. Sorry, I don’t think I’m going to be able to trade. Can you please cancel this”

-QUICKLY redeem the code

-Disable all your ads so nobody can open trades up with you and lock your coins now

-Block the user who just canceled the trade with you

-Withdraw your bitcoins

-Create a new LBC account and repeat This works best with accounts with feedback. Sometimes people are cautious about canceling a trade once they have given you a code. I rarely run into that user accounts with boosted feedback. ***THIS IS FOR ANYONE WHO ISN’T U.S. BASED OR CAN NOT CASH OUT THE MONEYPAKS***


You do the same as the above method EXCEPT:

-Instead of redeeming the moneypak yourself, you send the pictures and code to another person selling bitcoins for moneypak

-You then get coins for the moneypak code and can withdraw them instantly –

Cashout instant and anonymously into coins


– Load your account with $550. Make your money pack trade a minimum of $300. Then everybody you scam will be at least $300. I know this seems easy but you will most likely clear $1500 your first day with moneypaks doing this. You won’t believe how easy this is or how many people you will scam. The first time I created this method I stayed up for 48 hours straight and flipped over $3,000 in moneypaks.

Practice your social engineering and change up what you say with people and modify it to fit the situation. Always take an authoritative stance and try to control the situation. It sucks getting your coins locked up if you can’t get someone to cancel, so make sure you practice or don’t do high amounts of coins until you are comfortable.***



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Good Luck!