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Guide on how credit card top up works and balance



Good day, everyone! Today we’ll show you how to “top-up” or “load” any credit card with nothing more than bank statements.

We load cards for our members using the same technique.


The following tools are required:

  • CC DROP (The CC you will be sending money to)
  • Bank Log (the bank account log to send the funds from)
  • Premium SOCKS5
  • Premium VPN
  • CCleaner Premium

Just before we dive into the process of topping up we would like to acknowledge the fact that So there are only two ways of topping up any CC.

  • Online

The online method involves a login username, password email code, and routing number that e will be discussed in this tutorial.

  • Offline

The offline method involves phone number CC bank phone number 16 digits number in front of the CC 3 Digit at the back of the CC called CVV, expiration date of the CC, zip code / Last 4 digits of CC and we will NOT be discussing this offline method in this tutorial.


Talking about “topping up” or “loading” CC with online details especially the US banks like “capital one” or “chase bank” credit card all you need is just a username and pass and verification code email so that you can load the account.

  • Log into the credit card, for example; If its Chase Credit Card you’ll use
  • After entering the login details; It will ask you to collect a verification code from email or phone number.
  • log in and pick the code sent from chase from the email so it allows you in the same goes for capital one credit card and other US/CA-based credit cards.
  • Once you’re in you’ll find the option called “Pay Card.”
  • Click on “Pay Card.”
  • It will redirect you to a page where you’ll be asked to choose the account you want to pay from, the amount you want to pay, and the date will automatically come up.
  • Click on “add account” depending on the card issuer and
  • Next enter the “routing number” and “account number” to auto-generate the bank name.
  • Enter the amount u wish to pay then click “okay” or “proceed” then confirm payment.
  • From there you’ll be asked to confirm payment, and you will get to the screen where you will see “success, your funds are on their way.”


Please keep in mind that if the CC limit is $1,000, then the balance should not exceed $800 – $900, what you will load is between $800 – $900 and not $1,000.

Once loaded just act normal and log out depending on the CC banks some are instant reflection while others might take 3, 6, 12, 24, or even 48hours to reflect. Just keep checking and make sure the same SOCKS5 IP is turned on, if you cannot get the same IP we STRONGLY suggest that you wait up to 48 hours before panicking, as we mentioned already we offer this service, so we know a lot about this process and you should NOT panic for up to 48 hours which is two BUSINESS days (i.e. regular Monday to Friday).

Please do NOT email or contact us to offer this service to you as this is one of many exclusive services that we only offer in our Invite-only telegram group.

We hope that everything we mentioned in our article was crystal clear, all our articles that you read on our site are exclusively handwritten by our content team members who have more than a decade of hands-on experience in carding.

We pride ourselves on quality tools that we provide to our customers this way it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process.

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Good Luck, get your success you deserve it, we will see you on the other side!