You are currently viewing Paypal Transfer Guide – Anonymous Guide for Beginners

Paypal Transfer Guide – Anonymous Guide for Beginners

Paypal Transfer Guide – Anonymous Guide for Beginners

PayPal Transfer Guide


This is neither automatic nor easy it goes step by step by step. I assume you have knowledge of basic OPSEC & BTW,
—This is the complete version of this Guide with all Tips
—Make sure you have Ccleaner or Similar Software
—-This involves the simplest form of S.E
—-Please do not leak this guide. It’s affordable, you make money, I make
money. We all make money.
And also, FUCK PAYPAL, One more time

Paypal Transfer Guide - Anonymous Guide for Beginners 2022
Paypal Transfer Guide 



First off, 100% of your Paypal success is on IP and Cookies. I’m sure you already know this. The first thing I’m going to brag about is, of all the Paypal accounts I have opened and actively using only one has been limited. Forget about paying for various RDPs, all you need for PayPal is this software and different user accounts for your different Paypal accounts.


1. Head on to This Website
2. Sign Up
3. Download Their Sofware
4.Pay $20/Month : $10 for the license/$10 for 100 Socks
5. Launch the Software and Input your Username and Password.
6. When you click on a country, you’ll see various states, click on a State, You’ll see various socks in various cities.
7. To use A socks click on “obtain to” and select “Default Profile”.
8. Now this is the important part. To have a constant IP for your Paypal accounts. Right Click the Socks you want and select “To Favorites”
9. Then, Click on the Yellow Star in the software and you’ll never have to worry about constant IPs or dead socks ever again.


The most important thing is your cookies. I have used 8-10 different IPs on each of my PayPal accounts. I make sure I use the same city
socks, so don’t let anybody Bullshit you about using only 1 or 2 IPs.

10. For those of you running Linux Systems, on your command line, run a whois of Seproxysoft and see the result to ensure credibility.
11. I’ll also encourage you to use a sock that has been available for more than 24hours

Note, When using this software, your PC and every 32-bit application, runs on the IP address you put on your default profile.

12. And finally, Internet Explorer won’t work on this software. Well if you use Internet Explorer in the first place, you should be living with my grandparents.

PayPal Transfer Guide – Carding 

List of Items Needed.

1. 2 Working Credit/Debit Cards
2. Paypal account
4. Socks


  • Purchase 2 Credit Cards, preferable Platinum. 1 of the cards will be used
  • for carding, the other will be an investment for later.
  • Now you will need a VOIP for this. Any VOIP will work, as long as you
  • can send and receive text messages.*Tip: create a user account on your computer just for this.



  • Head over to Here
  • Create an account using your VOIP number
  • Use some random bullshit as the e-mail, it doesn’t matter.
  • They will send a short code to your VOIP number.
  • Now, most VOIPs won’t receive this shortcode, because well they are all 3stupid. But don’t bother we can bypass the stupidity.
  • After you create an account a page comes up that asks you to verify your account by putting in the code below
  • Fuck that Page, open a new tab and retype This URL On the new tab a Pop up appears exactly as below.
  • Click on “Didn’t receive a text?”
  • Follow the instruction which says text code to a certain number.
  • Head over to your VOIP, text the code and your account will be verified.
  • Now you have a verified Account.
  • Next, Click on the Accounts & Settings > Bank & Cards >Add Card.
  • Add the credit card you bought, if it adds, go to the next step, if it doesn’t you can try adding different cards up to 4 More times.
  • Once your Credit Card has been added the next thing is to quickly create bullshit facebook.
  • Go back to your account settings and Link the Facebook account to the Venmo account.
  • Now your Venmo account no. 1 is ready.
  • Next step, create an email address for your carding
  • Now go back to Venmo #1, and send money to this email address.
  • Input the email address in the bar above.
  • Go below, input the amount, and for anything you can come up with.
  • If you purchased a good CVV as I recommended above, you can send up to a maximum of $3,000 without a single problem in the world.
  • I normally break my transactions by sending $900 three times, then $300. (But hey, it depends on ur card)
  • Now you have $3,000 or less sitting in your e-mail address, what’s next?
  • Exit, your browser, clean cookies, web pref, and all bullshit using CC Cleaner

This is when we create Venmo #2

  • Go back to your e-mail address and Select Accept money.
  • Then, Create a VOIP number, Input your name and password, and create a BS Facebook account and link.
  • Add a picture to the account to make it look better and you’re good.
  • Venmo #2 is ready
  • You are done with Carding Venmo
  • Now the hardest part of the process, which is also Easy as Fuck, is step 3.


This step involves the easiest form of S.E

  • Head over to craigslist, any major city craigslist will do.
  • In the search bar, search for Venmo, Or head over to Here
  • Select tickets and you’ll see a long list of tickets available for sale for different events, all accepting Venmo
  • Now all you need to do is purchase tickets from these people using the cash in your Venmo.
  • Everything takes about just 4 texts or emails.
  • Ask if they still have the ticket
  • Also, ask if they accept Venmo (which you already know they do)
  • Ask for their Venmo. Pay them, and they’ll transfer the tickets to your email account almost immediately or whenever you agree.
  • Accept the tickets from your e-mail account
  • And, Download the PDF copy of the ticket off Ticketmaster or whatever sports teams site or event site.
NOTE: Do not buy any ticket involving Flashseats.
  • Now, you have the PDF copy of your tickets. What next. This is what gives you the clean funds
  • And finally, Step3 “the hardest part” is over.
  • And just because I can “ Fuck Paypal One time”.


Head over to Here

  • Remember the Second CVV which is an investment for a later, time use it.
  • Create an account using the cardholders detail
    • Side Note: This company and Paypal are both eBay companies
  • When you get to the phone number which is the last thing, do not use a VIP number
  • Use a random real phone number, They do not need you to verify this number
  • Make sure you keep cookies for your account and keep the IP address you use in visiting your account in the same city, close by, or state. You should have no problem with this if you’re using This Proxy Software
  • Once your account is created click on the tab “My account” On the page that Pops Up click on “Payment Settings
  • Click on Add a Card in the Credit/Debit Card section
  • Below there’s a “Sellers Payment” section. Put in your Paypal account email. The default email will be the email you used in opening the account.
  • You can also use your PayPal email to open the Stubhub account to skip the previous step
  • If the card is accepted, you have a working account.
  • Now all you need to do is click on “Sell” at the top of the page and follow the instructions.
  • Upload the “PDF” file for the ticket you bought earlier
  • Now when it comes to the price, They will suggest prices for you.
  • Look for the cheapest ticket listed, and reduce your price by about $5.
  • Go and relax, your ticket will definitely sell.
  • In less than 48hours, you will receive a Payment from your account directly to your Paypal account. 100% Clean Funds, and Looks Awesome to Paypal.
  • You can do whatever you want with the funds


  • Avoid rushing too many Payments from Stubhub to a new PaPal account
  • The only Paypal account I have had limited, and I’ve been doing this for a long time, was a 2-week-old account in which I received 3 Payments from Stubhub totaling $1,100.
  • My account got closed with the cash in it.
  • Avoid logging in from socks in different states
  • Do not forget Stubhub is also an eBay company, it’s like Paypal with less security.
  • Avoid making your ticket price unnecessary low, Stubhub isn’t stupid
  • DO NOT USE a VCC while opening a Stubhub account. They will accept it at first, but your very first listing will result in your account being closed down
  • Avoid listing a $900 ticket as ur first ticket. Lol, U know the drill. Arithmetic Progression, for those that know maths
  • Avoid Cleaning Venmo cookies until ur done with the account.

I can’t remember any other thing right, but u know how to contact me if you have an issue

Our services are not free and the payment is in advance
If you don’t trust our services, do not contact us, since we don’t have free servi

You can also check out our Instant money transfer services available worldwide.

Good Luck!