You are currently viewing Apple Scam Page France Version (Undetected) – Full Noods Guide

Apple Scam Page France Version (Undetected) – Full Noods Guide

Apple Scam Page France Version | Undetected | Smart Bypass Chrome With FUD

Hello everyone,
I just finished upgrading my scam page Apple,
It was posted on ABH Forums, but today I’ve finished upgrading it to the new version

Apple Scam Page France Version (Undetected) - Full Noods Guide 2022



The page has a lot of features to make it undetectable, and stay longer uploaded.

Features list:

1. Avoiding detection:

  • Self-encrypter script. the script will automatically encrypt the page source code in the browser for every new visit. with a unique code using AES With javascript.
  • The Scama will reject any host-name of ip containing keywords of (Google, PhishTank..etc)
  • Unique URL for every new visit.
  • BlackList File contains a list of most IPs of reporters including Google, PhishTank..etc
  • robots.txt file to block Search engines

2. For social engineering:

  • The email of the user will be printed on the information page (Welcome [email protected])
  • The country flag will be printed on the footer
  • The page will accept only valid information
  • the scam page uses PHP + html5 to check the data and if the information or some of the information is invalid. the page will print a message to correct that info.
  • Processing page
  • Confirmation page

3. Other features:

  • Log files for visitors are available
  • Dynamic URL Parameters

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  1. Good Luck!