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Wireless Hacking Tools are those hacking tools that are used to hack into a wireless network. Which is usually more susceptible to security threats. One must also ensure that the network is completely secured against hacking or other malware. The list of wireless hacking tools which would be discussed now can be used. To do a Penetration Testing for a Wireless Network. This is an intentional attack on a network to detect security vulnerabilities by accessing its data and functionality. WIRELESS HACKING TOOLS GUIDE.

Here are some recommended Wireless Hacking Tools.


It is a software suite specially designed for a wireless network and which operates under both the Window. And the Linux Operating System. Aircrack-ng consists of a packet sniffer. WPA cracker and analysis tool and a detector for the wireless Local Area Networks (802.11). The best part of this software suit is one need not install it to use it. It is a collection of files that can be easily used with a command prompt.

There have been many wireless hacking tools exposed in the recent past. When a hacker hacks a wireless network, it is supposed to defeat the Wireless network’s security devices. The Wi-Fi networks i.e. the Wireless LANs are more exposed to security threats. From a hacker while compared to that of a wired network. While hackers are always more than ready to hack especially. If there are weaknesses in a computer network, hacking is often a tedious and complicated procedure.


Kismet is a wireless detector system that detects possible intrusion to an 802.11 layer2 wireless network, it is also a sniffer. There are certain plug-ins supported by Kismet that enable sniffing media like DECT. . It also has the capacity to infer whether a nonbeaconing network is present. Or not via the data traffic in the network. And also. a network is identified by this tool by collecting data packets passively, detecting hidden and standard named networks.


InSSIDer is a network scanner that is used. A Wi-Fi network for the Windows Operating System as well as the Apple OS X. It has been developed by MetaGeek, LLC. Also, It is used to collect information from both software and a wireless card. And also is useful in selecting the availability of the best wireless channel. It also shows those Wi-Fi network channels which overlap with each other.


It is a discovery tool for a wireless network for the Mac OS X operating system. It has many features which are similar to another wireless detector tool called Kismet. This tool is meant for expert network security personnel and is not very user friendly for the beginners


In order to log into a website, a user has to submit details like his or her username and password. The server validates these data and sends back a “cookie”. The website usually encrypts the password however does not encrypt other details which leaves the cookie exposed to hacking threats which are also known as HTTP session hijacking. Firesheep has a packet sniffer which can intercept the cookies which are encrypted from Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook and also comes with the Firefox web browser. Firesheep is available for both the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It would also run on the Linux platform in the new future.


It is a powerful tool for packet injection in an 802.11 wireless network and is very useful as it also has the capability to send in forged de-authentication packets. This feature is usually used by a hacker to bring down a network.


KARMA is an attack tool that takes the advantage of the probing techniques that are used by a client of a WLAN. The station searches for a Wireless LAN in the list of preferred networks and it is then that it makes the SSID open for an attacker who is listening. The disclosed SSID is used by KARMA for the impersonation of a valid WLAN and attracts the station to the listening attacker.


NetStumbler is a hacking tool that is used in the Windows Operating system and also comes with add-ons that are used to hack a wireless network. It has the capability to convert a WIFI-enabled laptop on Windows OS into a network detector in an 802.11 WLAN.


The WebLab is a tool that teaches about the weaknesses of a WEP, how a WEP works, and also how it is used to break a wireless network which is WEP protected. It has the features of a WEP Security Analyzer.


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