You are currently viewing Tools for Cybersecurity – Pros and Hackers Guide Updated

Tools for Cybersecurity – Pros and Hackers Guide Updated

Tools for Cybersecurity – Pros and Hackers Guide Updated

Tools for Cybersecurity

Today we got to talk about the Tools for Cybersecurity Experts and Hackers. Think you know it all but you’re wrong, you might know it but you don’t know it. So chill and read this write-up well.

Since we know that the realm of cybersecurity is a world. So cool with a lot of people in there and many others to come. And without some tools work can’t be done accurately. You all know that. So Here we go;

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a graphical tool for Testing Web Application Security. The tool is written in Java and Developed by PostSwigger Web Security.
Burpsuite has three editions;

  • A community edition that can be downloaded free of charge.
  • Also, the professional Edition can be bought after the trial period
  • An Enterprise Edition can also be bought after a trial period.

The community edition of the burp suite has significantly reduced functionality. It was developed to provide a comprehensive solution for web application security checks. In addition to the basics functionality such as proxy server, scanner, and intruder.
The tool also contains more advanced options such as Spider. A repeater, a decoder, an extender, a compare, and a sequencer.
The company that developed the burp suite has also developed a similar tool that is compatible with iOS 8 and Above.

Social Engineering Toolkit [SET]

Setoolkit is an open-source Penetration Testing framework designed for Social Engineering. Setoolkit has a number of custom attacks vector that allow you to make a believable attack in a fraction of time.


WireShark is a network protocol analysis tool, it allows deep inspection. And analysis of packets from hundred of different protocols from the ubiquitous TCP to the exotic CSLIP. With built-in decryption support for many encrypted protocols. And powerful filtering and display capabilities, WireShark can help you dive deep in current activity on your network. And expose nefariously crafted attacks in real-time.
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Network mapper is the most flexible, powerful, and useful tool for cybersecurity in the network security analysts toolkit.
Nmap can bounce TCP and UDP packets around your network like a pinball lizard, identify hosts, scan open ports, slicing open misconfigured firewalls to show you what type of devices are open for business on your network.

Nmap has been around so long that it has even collected a constellation. Of helper tools such as Zenmap GUI, Ncat Debugging tool, and Nping packet generator.


It is the world’s most popular vulnerability scanner. Nessus has held up the championship throne for decades even as new challengers have crowded the arena in recent years.

An automated compliance scan can handle everything from password Auditing to patch level. Compliance across your network, with reports that immediately draw attention to open Vulnerabilities. Also, Nessus can integrate with Nmap to take advantage of Port Scanning capabilities. And with other management tools to form an integral part of your network.


A lot of people know Aircrack-ng is a WiFi Hacking tool, with weak wireless encryption protocols. Are easily shattered by Aircrack’s WEP and WPA attacks.

Sophisticated de-authentication and fake access point attacks allow you to probe security aggressively.
Packet sniffing capabilities allows you to Snoop and keep an eye on the traffic even without making an overt attack. so this tool is a must-have for Wireless network securities.


OpenSSH is a simple tool that right many wrongs in the original network level utilities in most internet operating systems. Created as an integral part of the OpenBSD UNIX implementation. Also, OpenSSH was useful enough and solid enough that it was quickly adopted by other UNIX forks. and made available as portable packages for other OS.

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The encryption and tunneling capabilities of the OpenSSH utilities are taken for granted by most users. But security professionals need to know how to secure systems on top of reliable OpenSSH tools.

Metasploit Framework

And the meta Sploit framework was the tool that turned. Hacking into a commodity when it was released in 2003. Metasploit made cracking known as vulnerability as easy as point and click. Though sold as (and it’s being used by white hat hackers) as a penetration testing tool.

Also, the Metasploit free version is still where neophyte hackers cut their teeth. Downloadable modules allow the combination of exploit and executable payload. All freely available, hackers have instant access to any system showing one of nearly 2000 cataloged Vulnerabilities. Sophisticated anti-forensic and stealth tools make the package complete.

Tools for Cybersecurity – Pros and Hackers Guide

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