Today, in this guide, we’ll show you how to E-Whore and provide a list of websites. E-whoring is the act of impersonating a woman in order to fool guys into believing you are real. You then ask the person for money in order for “sexy” pictures and videos. This is what happens in E-Whoring in a nutshell. Or in other words, the act of using sex appeal to make quick money.

Heads-up: We do not engage in the world of  e-whoring. This guide was shared in our private group by one of our regular clients who asked us if we can put this on our Blog to help others who may be interested in it. We have made a ton of spelling and grammar corrections in this so that you can read and understand it, we hope you will Enjoy it!


It depends. You can make $50 – $500 per day if you know what you are doing. It all comes down to how good your Social Engineering skills are & how much time you can devote to this. Make no mistake, E-Whoring is one of the easiest ways to make money online. The best part is it takes little to no effort. You can easily make $100 in the time it takes to watch a stupid video on youtube.


It’s pretty easy, we will give you complete knowledge on how to get started, you will need the following tools.

  • PayPal Account, (get it from our shop)
  • Basic Social Engineering Skills
  • Common Sense (this is not optional it’s mandatory)
  • E-whore Pack (explained below)

Tell us at the time of your order that you need a PayPal account under the woman’s name and we will fulfill your request so that you will be taking on that persona and from that account, you will be forwarding the money to your own PayPal account and that is pretty safe. Once the money is received to the receiver account (that you bought from us), It is good practice to transfer that money to your own personal PayPal account. And the other main reason why you will use two accounts is that a person is more likely to send money to a PayPal account with an email of the girl’s name. These little things are the difference between losing clients and making big bucks.


An E-Whore pack is basically a large collection of Photos/Videos/Nudes of the same girl and unfortunately or fortunately we in our shop do not sell an E-Whore pack so do not ask, everything that we sell is listed on the site. We would recommend investing in an HQ E-Whore pack because most free packs are too saturated and will not work. You can find many packs in Nulled’s E-Whore section or for best results gather your own now this may take you some time to do but the results will be way better than any pack that’s been sold over and over to many people before you.


Now that you have your two PayPal accounts and your HQ e-whoring collection in order, you can begin e-whoring. There are a ton of sites where you can find potential clients. we will walk you through the process of E-Whoring on one particular site and link a bunch of other sites with potential clients. The method we teach in this guide is extremely easy and if you have good Social Engineering skills and a brain, you can implement the same strategy throughout multiple sites. Let’s start with

Now, most people may say that its site is saturated. First of all, every site nowadays is saturated if you have no brains. This wasn’t the case back in the day because they were only a few E-Whoerers. But now there is a massive E-Whore crowd. This has made E-Whoring tough. Tough, But not impossible. It doesn’t matter what site you go to, The only thing that matters is your method and your Social Engineering skills. To be honest, you don’t even need a “secret” method offered for ridiculous prices. Like we said before, you only need a brain and good Social Engineering skills. Now that that’s out of the way, let us begin!

  • Go to & Sign up for an account. We would recommend using a US or Canadian IP because people there are most likely to pay big bucks.
  • Use your Model/E-Whore’s name and NEVER use a nude picture as the profile picture. Never post nude photos on Tagged or you will get banned. Use a picture that shows some cleavage. Not too much, Just don’t try to be too obvious.
  • Keep hitting yes
  • Go to the ‘Meet Me” option and click YES on every profile, we would recommend using an auto clicker to make it less of a hassle. Let it run for a few minutes and you should get messages from random thirsty dudes.


Once you are chatting with the client, you need to text exactly like a girl. This is where your brain and social engineering come into play. Never say that you can offer pics for money at the start. This will ruin your potential target. What you need to do is to sound real. Chat like a girl. Use emojis. And have a story! This is the most important thing. The “Story” should say that you’re a college girl who works very hard and how your rent and student loans are a huge burden on you financially. You can use this or some other story. Once you say this, the cline knows that you have financial difficulties. Spend some time with the client. During your conversations send some clean photos (Not Nudes), and make him want you.

Once you’ve built a solid connection with the client, say that you like being on camera and that you have thought of becoming a cam girl and ask if he would like to help her out. 7/10, He will say yes. Start with a low price, i.e $20 for a tit picture, and send him the receiver PayPal account. If he pays, you know that he’s down with the game. Tease him more with pictures/videos. Each time ask for more, but be reasonable. If you socially engineered correctly, you can easily rip off $250+ from some clients. Especially middle-aged rich dudes. Once you find a high-value client like this, he can be your Sugar Daddy. If this happens your set. Find some more Sugar Daddys and your looking at over $1000 per month.


This is the basic method. You can implement this exact method as a solid foundation and discover a more unique way to be ahead in the game. Remember once again, In order to make a lot of money with E-Whoring, you need practice. You need experience. You don’t need to buy multiple courses/books. What we’ve explained above is the basic fundamentals of E-Whoring and what other so-called methods have been built upon. All you need to do is to master the basics. Additional Sites for E-Whoring are listed below.


When your E-Whoring, you do not want to be limited to just one website like Don’t expect to catch thousands of fish while fishing in the same spot. When it comes to Snapchat the method we use changes a bit, but the foundation remains the same. Snapchat is all about views. The problem with Snapchat is that it’s mostly filled with broke teenagers who are not going to pay you a dime even in exchange for a nude. So why bother? You can use these people to benefit our operation immensely. Snapchat is all about traffic. Your main goal is to get as much traffic as possible to your SnapChat. PRACTICAL GUIDE TO E-WHORING WEBSITES

How do you get free traffic? Easy. find around 25-50 accounts of guys who get around 300-500 views. The more the better. Message them and talk for a while. Then tell them that you will send them one nude in exchange for a shoutout from their account. Most guys will be willing to do this without any hesitation. This is how you can get a lot of traffic to your SC account for free and could potentially have HQ clients. You will be getting some messages, Reply to them and use the same strategy & story we explained before. Obviously, this method takes some time, If you wouldn’t mind spending some money, you can buy shoutouts from “babe” accounts for reasonable prices. This will give your SC account massive exposure and a huge potential for finding good and quality clients. If you ask us, this method is recommended since it saves a lot of your time and hassle. PRACTICAL GUIDE TO E-WHORING WEBSITES So that is how you E-Whore on Snapchat in a nutshell.


Kik is one of the most powerful applications to E-Whore on. Again, you do not want to be restricted to one source. Hence you need to learn to E-Whore on Kik too. First, set up your Kik account. Use the model’s name and pick a cute username. Remember to upload a profile picture (not nude) and complete your profile. Next, go to the search bar and search for phrases like “dirty talk”“sexting” etc. Once you do this, join as many groups you can. These groups are filled with potential clients.

You can directly post to the group or contact individual members. Never post nudes on the group. Just describe yourself in a few sentences. (i.e I’m from LA, I’m 19, studying at XXXX University, etc) people who reply to your message are highly likely to buy your service since they have already shown interest by replying to your message. Contact the people who replied to your message directly and use the “story” method on them. Once again remember, always go slow and start small. Then build it up by offering more pic/videos at higher prices.


Most people will never believe you could E-Whore on Facebook. This is good because Facebook will not become saturated as other sites. The holy grail of E-Whoring, in our opinion, is to find an HQ sugar daddy. Now, what’s the normal age of a sugar daddy who has money? 35+ for sure. Most people E-Whore on Snapchat and Kik. The chance of them finding a sugar daddy on the said platform is very very slim. PRACTICAL GUIDE TO E-WHORING WEBSITES Most sugar daddies are on Facebook. Facebook is an untouched gold mine when it comes to E-whoring. I will explain how you can target and find a list of high-potential individuals who are very likely to pay a big buck for your service.

Basically, you need to search for adult niche groups and join them similar to Kik. Once joined post about your self and engage in the community. PM a couple of people who are likely the “sugar daddy” type. And go with the “Story” method. PRACTICAL GUIDE TO E-WHORING WEBSITES Profile of your sough after sugar daddy should be like:

  • Age: 35+
  • Location: The US or Canada
  • Relationship: Unmarried (not important if he messages your first and is married)

You can use this information to target individuals who can potentially become your sugar daddy. Wrapping things up You’ve made it to the end. Congratulations. Now, remember, read this thread thoroughly and follow it to the best you can. PRACTICAL GUIDE TO E-WHORING WEBSITES

If you get stuck at any time or you need any help don’t contact us as we do not engage in this type of method as our methods are very different than this E-whoring. Best of luck!

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Good Luck!