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Online Casino Carding Guide

Online Casino Carding Guide

Online Casino Carding Guide

#1) Most casinos have their own software which you use to play the various games that they have. The most popular is no doubt poker. Since they have their own software in place the first step would be to create a new Virtual Machine (VM).

Virtual Machines are basically a new operating system inside your system which allow you to keep things confined to that OS. The reason you would need such a thing is to avoid mixing of accounts and to avoid fraud detection by casinos.

Remember casinos are not dumb and they watch everything. Every time you log in it logs your os your ip other aspects of your system. Additionally, think of it this way. If you have two accounts one which is linked to your cashing and one which you have carded, don’t you think they would notice if you log into the booth from the same system.

Each install has its own unique ID which is sent to the casino every time you log in. By far the most popular software for making Virtual Machines is VM ware, and it is available for free for download from the VM ware site.

#2) After setting up your first virtual machine several changes must be made before you download the casino software.
  • – You must change the time zone to match the time zone of the location of the card you are going to use to the card. – Install Proxifier (set up name resolution to remote only)
  • – Install Firefox or Google Chrome – Disable as many browser plug-ins as possible – Obtain socks and input them into Proxifier, Proxifier basically changes the whole systems IP as compared to inputting socks into a browser of software, etc,.. which is more detectable
  • – Make sure the socks are clean by double-checking it on various blacklists and other sites which conduct such checks ( etc..)
  • – Once all of this is done register an account and download and install software while on socks via proxies.
  • – Access anything on casino while only on from proxfier.
  • – You will need to VM one for carding account and one for cashing account.

Also, remember since you will need 2 accounts one to cash out and one for the card you will need to VMs. Make sure that booth vms are different OS’s.

For example, if you are using Windows XP VM as the one where a carded account is created, use another VM as Windows 7 for cashing out the account. The basic logic is people at the backend will see two different OS as being two different people and not one person.

Doing so will automatically, decrease your fraud score on their automated back-end systems as well.

#3) Cashing out also has some aspects of it that need to be paid attention to.

– First of all, as I have said before casinos are not dumb and they will ask for a few things and watch for a few:

A) They will ask for documents. You should have an ID billing statement of some kind and a card scan for the account you are carding from. Also one set of the ones you are cashing from as well. You can download templates from various places and make the documents yourself using photoshop which is ideal but time-consuming, or you could purchase document scans from any reputed vendor.

B) Casinos watch for chip dumping. So DO NOT JUST DUMP chips. Chip dumping for those of you who may not know is basically playing a poker game with two people with one purposely losing to another.

Casinos see this kind of activity from novices all the time and automatically figure out what’s going on. A carded player should play some games normally then later on maybe the next day, cashing account should come in. First, let cashing account loose some also first and maybe a second day. Have two accounts meet on the third day possibly.

ALWAYS remember to have booth accounts in separate VMs and separate specific IPs. Use your mind and try to make it as realistic as possible. Always remember to think about what you are doing and what it would look or appear like to the casinos. This is in no way a comprehensive guide or anything just a few pointers. If you need any help folks to feel free to msg me.

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