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How to Work Without Drops/Help for stuffer

How to Work Without Drops/Help for stuffer

How to Work Without Drops

The article was written without any targets just for observing.


It happened that I was sitting and communicating with stuffer about drops. Was hearing how hard to work now – few cardable shops, how it dies as newbies try without experience. And main: how difficult to find drops for stuff.

Main part.

So I was interested in last his words about drops. Is it really so difficult? And really it’s not so. I’ve got an idea for half a day. And another half – for details. We’ll discuss the USA as the most popular country.
Let’s begin. The most reliable drop is, as it is known (at least to me – from my practice), that drop that does not suspect that he’s drop. Simpler – the person is misled and considering that all their actions – result from his own desires.

First that we usually think about – drop-projects.  But they’re too popular and most honest civilians already have knowledge about it. Already many Americans seeing “Honest workers needed!” run into hysterics. We don’t need it – we need happy Americans, alive and healthy! ) That’s why creating of new drop-project is difficult and takes too much time and money. But we want all to be easier and cheaper.

Second thoughts – online auctions. That was sitting in my head as connected with stuffing. Everybody knows that you can find cheap stuff there. But we don’t need it. We’ll pay attention to that there are not only people who want to buy but there are also who want to sell. So one buys, another sell. For money. We need people who want to buy – buyers. Got what I mean? No? So bad… Ok, let’s go further.

The third thought combines the first and the second. So let’s imagine that there are American on auction who wants to buy a laptop for their son on Christmas for a good price. And we can get it (I mean card it )). But we don’t have a trusted person who accepts it and pays us with clean American money. So why can’t we help the American son to get a laptop on Christmas? Let’s bring kindness to the world! )) Got? )

For people who still do not understand – go work in a factory. Thinking isn’t required – just stand and do what they say.

So I’ll repeat just in case step by step.

1. We make a lot of auctions. It must be the stuff that carder can card. So the seller is a stuffer.
2. American wins the lot and contacts the seller. Further discussing and gonorar for serve )
3. Carder cards this stuff on the name and the address of this American. And of course, it’s not obligatory to tell the Americans about the history of stuff.

And all happy!)

Good luck in the *nth time to you guys!

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Good Luck!