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How to Transfer Balance from Hacked PayPal

How to Transfer Balance from Hacked PayPal

Transfer Balance from Hacked PayPal

Today I will show you how to send hacked PayPal balance from one account to another without any hassle in confirming your credit card number, bank account number, SSN number, or security answers!

Transfer Balance from Hacked PayPals - Latest Carders Guide 2022
Transfer Balance from Hacked PayPal

We all have hacked PayPal accounts. If you don’t have one you can buy it here

After buying it some people try it without socks5 comes with the PayPal and get a security measures notification or get it limited and can’t do anything about it. It is very disappointing and a total waste of your LR Balance.

So, I am going to share my private technique to transfer funds from one PayPal account to another and secure them from further chargebacks or refunds.

OK, let me tell you the instruments you must get before you move on to the next steps.

A Virtual Credit Card. (You can get it from here.)
A hacked PayPal account with mail access.
Two more PayPal accounts were made by you.
Strong and appropriate socks5 to the location of hacked PayPal account.

Let me make you clear about how will you get your instruments ready.

First of all, purchasing a Virtual credit card from me from this thread costs only 7$ LR. Virtual credit cards are like normal credit cards without any physical existence.

Now you have to get your desired hack PayPal. You can either buy it from me if you don’t have hacked PayPal.

You have to create two non-US PayPal accounts first. I prefer creating PayPal accounts from Cyprus and Singapore (I mentioned them because, if you fail to secure funds for any reason then there are possibilities to cash them out later using this service). OK fine, but be clear that you must use different socks5 for both accounts. It’s not mandatory to use Cyprus socks or Singapore socks here. For example, You can use California socks for Cyprus PayPal but after your sock died, you must use socks again from California to access your account every time. Complex, huh? xD

You need strong socks5 for hacked PayPal to manipulate the location of hacked PayPal.

Now the main job to do. First, try sending money from hacked PayPal to one of your created PayPal using socks given with PayPal. Sometimes you may get lucky and can send funds to another account successfully without any confirmation messages to verify your Credit Card or Bank Account Number. But luck doesn’t support one every time. So you need to buy a Virtual Credit Card and add that to your hacked PayPal account and confirm that card. So when you will try to send money and get a message to confirm Credit Card or Bank then you can input the virtual credit card number and bypass the Credit card confirmation.

In the next step type in a message to the seller box:
“Got the item. And it’s working fine. Thanks a lot.”
And send the money to your secondary PayPal.

Immediately remove the notification in hacked PayPal email inbox and archive the recent transaction. It will make the time length for the hacked PayPal account holder to know that he’s getting his ass fucked.

Then clear your cache and cookies and log in to your secondary PayPal account with different socks5. And send the money to your Primary PayPal account and don’t forget to type something impressive in the seller note message. xD

Now I can say, your hacked money is 90% secured. But don’t keep them forever there. Cash them out or spend them however you can quickly.

If you get a limitation in any steps and u see that PayPal is not refunding money then wait for 6 months(180 days) for cashing out. You can use this service to cash out.

My notes:

> All the credits and hate of this tutorial go to me – Hustle.

> If you think I’ve tried to promote my threads through this tutorial then you are right. But also be alerted that, it works in 99% of the cases.
Don’t blame me now, blame PayPal for that. LOL.

> I said it works for 99% of the cases. So it’s not a tutorial with any guarantees.

Regards and signing out.

Our services are not free and the payment is in advance
If you don’t trust our services, do not contact us, since we don’t have free servi

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Good Luck!