You are currently viewing How To Top Up Credit Cards (CC) – Tutorial

How To Top Up Credit Cards (CC) – Tutorial

How To Top Up Credit Cards

How To Top Up Credit Cards

Hello, guys what-sup! In today’s article, I will be teaching you guy’s how to Top Up Credit Cards (CC) which most carders do not know much about it. Recently most of the readers on my telegram channel have been asking me about it. It’s very simple to Top Up Credit Cards (CC. I have dropped a lot of tutorials about carding and the feedback from my readers are encouraging, So without wasting much time let’s get started

How To Top Up Credit Cards (CC) -Tutorial


1. Drop(The cc you’re topping up)
2. Log
4. Good Laptop

5. Good Data CONNECTION?

Types Of CC Top Up

  • With online access
  • Without online access.

(with login ‘username and password and without login and password’)
Talking about cc with online details, especially Yankee banks like capital one or chase bank credit cards…all u need is just usernamepassword, and verification code from the client’s email or he/she gives u the email and the password but it’s advisable you take every information about the credit card in case the client start misbehaving… You can load the account and use it to shop phones online (that part is another different work entirely. That’s Carding) or pay for dating sites

Logging into the credit card?

For example, If it’s Chase Credit Card…you’ll use
After entering the log-in details; It will ask you to collect a verification code from email or phone number, Then if the client provides you with the email and password… log in and pick the code sent from chase from the email or ask the client to pick it from phone or email for you then u enter it: So it allows you in. The same goes for capital one credit card and other Yankee credit cards.

Then when you’re in…you’ll find something like PaynCard…Then click on “Pay Card
It will redirect you to a page where you’ll be asked to choose the account you want to pay from, the amount you want to pay, and the date will automatically come up
Then click on “add account” or something similar to that phrase depending on the card issuer…then enter the routing number and account number and it generates the bank name itself… Enter the amount you wish to pay then click “okay” or “proceed” then confirm payment


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