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How to select a country for carding – GUIDE

select a country for carding

select a country for carding

How to select a country for carding

Carding is an international affair. The carders have long realized that working in a foreign country is significantly more profitable and safer – the reaction of banks and law enforcement is much slower, and the limits and currency differences allow much more to be earned. Each carding forum has dozens of disputes related to the selection of the country to work. 

In this article, we’ll go through the most popular countries for carding and figure out which ones are the best places to work. 

What is important to the carder to select a country for carding?

The main thing for the carder isn’t the country, but banks and banking laws. Depending on security requirements, limits, and the availability of safety mechanisms in banks, the choice of country is determined, since banks in one country are often built on the same system. In addition, it is worth choosing the country in which the turnover in bank accounts, as in general wages, is higher – if the exchange rate differs, it generates a large profit. Also, the higher the national salary, the higher the limit on bank transfers. 

In addition, it should be taken into account that you may need to know the language. If you know a language, and especially a rare one, like Portuguese, Swedish, or Greek, speaking it without an accent, then without hesitation choose the country where it is official. 

Also, try not to work in your own country – in such a case the response of the organs will be much faster, although you’ll have more possibilities at work. 

Which countries should be selected?

There are quite a few countries for successful carding, but the following should be particularly considered:

• European countries – Germany, France, Czech Republic, Turkey, Belgium, and others. Their limits are quite high (up to 10,000-50,000 euros per transaction), and the high turnover on the cards makes the transfers more invisible to bank employees. The main downside is that you need to know the language because often confirmation of operations will require you to call the bank.

• The USA – the country with the most developed banking system. The USA has a stable high appreciation (at least relative to the CIS countries) and a myriad different of banks. The main downside is huge differences in banks’ security requirements. However, a large number of operations are becoming excellent camouflage, and the availability of a large number of local stores can play into the hands of the guys who are doing the clothing carding. 

• England – a country with rather old-fashioned banking manners. They often use only one method of confirming transactions (Magic Word or code word) and are rather loyal to interbank transfers within the country. The main drawback is a large number of confirmations of operations through calls. 


It should also be borne in mind that there are other favourable countries – Asia and Pan Asia, China and Australia. However, there may be a downside to a significant time gap

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