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How to create stealth Paypal accounts

How to create stealth Paypal accounts

create stealth Paypal accounts 

I made this PayPal manual. Albeit a considerable lot of you may know this generally, a few people donít. I will attempt to be definite as could be expected under the circumstances.

Ok first off create a new PayPal account.

You need these

1. New Name random name
2. Address remember the ZIP CODE
3. Gift Card/ VCC get these at your local Walmart/Walgreen or if your bank offers VCC used that.
4. Phone Number/Google Voice. Get a cheap $10 track phone at Walmart or use Google Voice for a free forwarding number.
5. Bank account information (+best to use online banking*) This step is not needed if you’re just a buyer. However, if you’re American and PP verified then it will greatly reduce your chances of getting limited.


Set up a new PayPal account using a new name, address, Gift Card/VCC, and banking information. PayPal does not check the name on the bank account, only the numbers. So you will be able to use your stealth name with your real bank account information. Make sure you have google voice or a cheap toss-away phone if you are a seller. The reason I say this is because sometimes PayPal calls you and if they can’t get you, you’re limited.

Also, remember that Cards use the AVS system now, so when you register that gift card online, make sure the ZIP CODE matches your PayPal ZIP Code or it won’t work.


1. DO NOT use a combination of any information from your previously linked accounts. Whether it be name + address, any information + old IP address. This will get you linked,

2. PayPal does NOT link with IP alone, they understand that people DO use public connections. However, a combination of IP + old information will get you linked and limited.

3. ALWAYS I MEAN ALWAYS clear your cookies when creating a stealth account. Also, clean your flash cookies. A program I recommend downloading is CCleaner, google it.


1. NEVER handle more than $500 USD at one time. EVER. Paypal kill bots will SHUT YOU DOWN.

2. Do not handle a lot of money frequently, instead increase it over time. These means do not have 100 dollars deposit today, 250 next day withdraw, 150 deposit, this will tip off Kill Bots. Do it over time so PayPal will learn your intentions.

3. IF you do get limited and PayPal asks you for ID/Billing Statement, Invoices, etc. Get creative with PhotoShop or ask someone in the GFX section to whip you up some documents and email them in. Hopefully, the person on the other side of the fax machine/computer will be in a good mood.

create stealth Paypal accounts

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