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We have the perfect platform for scam page script or phishing page or script page. We have unique scam page not same like the regular ones. Our pages are purely coded PHP, HTML, bootstrap, java script You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

About Us?

We operate on the mission of providing the best scam page (phishing page or script page) services to all our customers giving top priority to network protection. We have a unique scam page not the same as out there all of our pages are purely coded PHP, HTML, bootstrap, javascript. We do a monthly subscription to you choose what page you want to host with us we will host for you with a 1-month warranty if the link Dead or RED we replace. Various features and aspects of our products and services are focused on these protections. Our 247 Managed Services program provides professional, expert support for emergency support situations. Our Customer Support Program is designed for absolute peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all our customers. Our 5+ support hackers respond swiftly to all support requests via email, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Why buypagescript.com?

We have received too many requests on starting a mentorship program for newbies and teach them the best techniques of spamming. However, we have decided to take initiative and start spamming courses live. The course content will be started from zero to hero. We will cover all the aspects, setup, methods, etc.

List Of Tools That We Sell











Introduction Link details/rules

  • its $100 Email And Pass and $120++ CC and Bank Type Pages per month.


  • Its warranty if the link is dead we replace it with a new one,


  • The rules are if you choose a page its permanent already and you can’t change it.


  •  that previous server already bonded with your email and page


  • If you don’t want it to be suspended buy mail box from us.


  • Its going to be something like [email protected] price are $60 life time usage never suspended never take down


  • We’ve  been doing links since MARCH 2019 we are trusted. Welcome to the world of super possibilities.  for coming across our website, you are already halfway to your dreams.

Recent Updates

We have received too many requests on starting a mentorship program for newbies and teach them best techniques of spamming. However, we have decided to take initiative and start spamming courses live. The course content will be started from zero to hero. We will cover all the aspects, setup, methods etc.

We have premium VIP  access to all kind of page and this includes OneDrive, Dropbox, Office, Banks etc…

Unlimited link generating
1 Email Per Subscription
Unlimited requesting link replacement
Redirection script will be giving to you, all you need to do s just host it and load your links into it and it keep rotating into fresh new link if one of the link are red, kindly contact us via Email, Telegram, WhatsApp and ICQ. Click here to subscribe.

Whatsapp: +1 (970) 584-4071
Telegram: @Buypagescript
Gmail: [email protected]

We also have premium monthly spamming service which are listed below.

  • Its 150 to 200 logs per week if there’s more logs on your job its going to yours too
  •  Start spamming from Monday to Friday
  • Send logs every Friday before 1:00am GMT +8
  •  We send 4 times means 1 month deliver ( we send at ICQ chat )
  • Mostly leads are US and Europe ( if using your leads we need to do verifying, you need to pay it 10k for $100 verification service i choose where to verified it bad leads means many bounce it will make SMTP die fast i will not allowed it
  • The leads are company and bussnies owner only VIP can send leads regular just using our leads

Dedicated Service

We dedicate our work to give the best service out there, our work s proven working and reliable

Warranty Policy

Our products/services are 100% verified, its our major priory to replace if there is a glitch or error.

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You can order any product directly from our auto shop and a download link will be sent to the email you provide

The Unpleasant Truth

Life can be difficult at times. This is true for everyone born into this planet, whether they are wealthy or penniless.
While many others suffer, a growing number of people are living their dreams and buying everything they want when they want it.

What if I told you that you could have as much money as you want to accomplish whatever you want, and even more?


Life can be difficult at times. This is true for everyone born into this planet, whether they are wealthy or penniless.
While many others suffer, a growing number of people are living their dreams and buying everything they want when they want it.

What if I told you that you could have as much money as you want to accomplish whatever you want, and even more?



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  1. Lily Morozov

    The very finest in the business is George and his crew. You won’t find a better rep than his, when they leave him they train their own replacement! What an interesting idea, I’m going to have to make some notes on that! They provide them with thorough training and ensure that they are prepared to answer nearly any question that is posed to them; nevertheless, the most essential thing is that they are willing to jump into any circumstance without prior knowledge and get the job done! congrats guys.

  2. Austin Guzman

    Not just because of this service, but also because of the services that they have provided for me over the course of my membership here, which has spanned more than four years, I would suggest buypagescript.com to my family and friends.

  3. Lucita Mcdonalds

    How shall I put it? As easy as purchasing a cup of coffee. Contact their admin, pay the required cost for what you want, and then presto! You receive your transfer the same day. Instantaneous money deposit. speedy and secure transfer I was happy.

  4. Allison Griffin

    Dear Janet, Receiving foreign transfers has never been easier than it is now. I live in Canada and I saw the information you updated. I requested a $35,000 Canadian transfer, and I got it the following day. I’m happy with this team because it seemed to work like magic.

  5. Anthony Clark

    After you permanently altered my college grades, your services continued to make me giddy for weeks.
    The best thing that has happened to me this year is this. I will always be grateful to you. I have told a few people about your services, and they will be in touch shortly.

  6. Maria Curtz

    My business was boosted by buypagescript.com financial, which also helped me pay off all of my credit cards and finance my cross-country migration for residency. The Financial workers were very personable, accommodating, and professional. The entire process went really smoothly. I heartily endorse them to anyone in need of financial assistance.

  7. Lucas Alberto

    The sales representative was incredibly helpful and swiftly solved our problem of switching banks. Everything was completed quickly and simply within a few hours. When we tried to close our old bank account and needed to get all activity transferred over to our new bank as soon as possible, our new bank handled the banking transactions within a day, which was quite outstanding and greatly appreciated.

  8. Cindy Parks

    They performed an excellent job of being available at all hours of the day and night and helping with the process overall. As a resident, despite my hectic schedule, I was able to phone them at any time, and they answered all of my questions and were very kind.

  9. Olivia Volkov

    Very pleased with the financial platform of Buypagescript.com. Staff with professionalism and a strong underwriting group. I would unquestionably suggest it to any doctor. The addition of new products in the near future excites me.

  10. Lewis Long

    The Philippines is where my wife is. She is currently being transferred to the US. It can be close to a year. We had been dating for two years. She was employed in Saudi Arabia because the pay there was significantly more than what she could get in the Philippines. Saudi Arabia’s stringent regulations prevented anyone from seeing her, so having her there wasn’t going to be effective. We, therefore, decided she would return home. Despite being one of five children, she supports her parents solely. We took in her niece as well. As a result, it became necessary to give her a monthly allowance since the job she ultimately obtained paid an income of almost $170/month. I found this website and felt it would be beneficial to give her money via their transfer service. I placed an order for $4000 and gave them her account information. She called me about six hours later to let me know she had received 15.000 Saudi Riyals, which is equal to $4000 USD. I was so delighted that I have used these hackers to send money ever since. I’m pleased that they are prospering thanks to your assistance. I’m grateful.

  11. Paula

    Working with Buypagescript.com is a remarkable experience. They have a high level of professionalism, expertise, knowledge, efficiency, a strong work ethic, dedication, and commitment to success.

  12. Bobby William

    I initially contacted buypagesccript.com  to understand the transfer procedure. They quickly returned my call with all the facts they need. He handled everything professionally and with patience! I received my transfer so quickly that I had a hard time believing it was real. I appreciate all of your support in getting me there.

  13. Tracey Ford

    It’s been four days since my sister sent me money from Ireland. Because of this money transfer service, I am able to reside in Canada. I was in need of cash, and they wired it to me the very same day. There have been no problems at all with either my bank or the LE.

  14. Mario Perez

    When I come across sites like this one, I always get the impression that they are scams, probably because I have been taken advantage of by similar sites in the past. I have no idea what compelled me to give this guys a shot, but I can say without a doubt that making that choice was the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. After testing them with $450 worth of bitcoin, I was given a transfer of $4000. I cannot express how ecstatic I am to have the genuine hack vendor at my disposal. I’m going to stand behind you guys no matter what, so thank you very much.

  15. Liam Shaw

    The most skilled hacker I’ve come across who specializes in Russian money transfers. constantly maintain adherence to the allotted time limit, and deliver as usual. I’ve been using them for about half a year now, but they’ve never let me down.

  16. Isaac Fletcher

    I can’t say enough good things about the telegram guy; he was extremely helpful all the way through the procedure. He gave us the choices we had on how to transfer the ownership, and he gave us the freedom to pick the one that worked best for our circumstances. I am certain that others would benefit from using his services.

  17. Karl Norman

    I sent a wire transfer request from my business bank account in Canada to the one I have in Turkey. This was my very first transfer of this kind. I made many inquiries concerning the status of the transaction, but it never changed. After waiting for three days, I called the admin in order to find out what was going on. I discovered later that the funds had decreased but had not settled yet; I can only imagine that this was because of the amount of money that I had requested. I got in touch with the admin and told him about the situation with the money. They told me that everything is OK and that it was completely common. After twenty-four hours, the money was finally settled; this is fantastic, and I’m relieved that everything went through without a hitch.

  18. George Penfield

    I needed a little additional cash to close on a building project. My experience with an online money transfer site has never been this simple or effective. My transfer request was well-managed by the admin, who was always accessible and helpful. Any doctor or other professional who need a prompt loan and excellent service should contact them, in my opinion.

  19. Tina Gross

    Since I started using it on a regular basis over a year ago, the buypagescript.com transfer service has been vital to me. Because the service that Admin provide is of such high quality, I would have no problem referring them to any of my close associates.

  20. Tristian Lee

    The greatest money transfer hacking group I’ve ever seen. The speed of my transaction, which I placed for $15,000 AUD, astounded me when I received the transfer the same day I sent the cash.

  21. Shelly Shaft

    My contact with these sincere individuals was incredibly easy and beneficial. Unfortunately, I was in a situation where I needed money but kept getting turned down by financial institutions. I was really helpless and didn’t think I could acquire a loan at all. Buypagescript.com quickly and efficiently approved my loan application (1-2 day approval and dispersal of funds).

  22. Hayden

    I recently transferred my wife in Indonesia 4975 euros via money transfer. I sent emails to customer service twice, but both times I just received automated responses. I was then given a higher-value alternative after paying the cost, and my wife received a transfer of 22,150 euros to her account. As of now, I frequently send money with buypagescript.com and have never had a problem. I also always feel satisfied. This time, I wish to make a new transfer to pay off a business partner’s obligation. Many thanks

  23. Sabrina Clark

    Amazingly quick personalized service! Throughout the entire process of my business refinance, they maintained excellent communication. After I was rejected by numerous lending institutions, they funded me! The best is buypagescript.com, by far! Excellent assistance and availability! Will strongly suggest them to all of my friends and coworkers.

  24. Anna Garcia

    When I just matched as a fourth-year medical student, I was anxious about the cost of moving for residency. When many other firms turned me down and didn’t understand the difficulties faced by graduating medical students, buypagescript.com provided me with a timely response and accepted me for a transfer service. I was given access to a fantastic hacker who communicated with me over WhatsApp and described each stage of the transfer process. He kept in touch with me every day, updating me on our progress and asking if there was anything else I could do. My financial information was securely provided, and a week after applying, money was paid into my account. Working with this site has been worth it for the peace of mind and ability to be comfortable while transitioning to residency, even if taking out additional funds might be frightening, especially on top of the large medical school loans students may already have. I couldn’t be happier with my choice and would suggest it to any medical student seeking for finances to support their transition to residency!

  25. Douglas Paul

    My dental school career will come to an end in June, but I still needed some extra cash to cover living costs until I was licensed. Thank you so much to the financial staff at buypagescript, I’m thrilled. Each member of the crew is competent, polite, and professional. Totally recommend.

  26. Lucy Gordons

    The percentage was much more favorable. But I have to mention that the level of politeness and assistance provided by the customer support representatives was exceptional. He stood out from the crowd. Anyone could benefit from using buypagescript.com, in our opinion.

  27. Janet Cooper

    Message to Canadians: I have found this to be the finest option for Canadians seeking quick cash. One of the few remittance services that supports the Interac network in Canada is this one (as of late June 2017). This implies that as soon as you get payment, your bank immediately funds your Internet banking account, from which you can send money right away. I frequently send money to Brazil with this team since it arrives in the account shortly after payment and is frequently cleared in the middle of the Brazilian banking day’s second working day. More crucially, the funds arrive as domestic transfers, which implies that neither the recipient bank nor the government will be charged in any way.

  28. Ann Smirnoff

    I know all about your services on darkweb but misplaced your address because it was on onions urls, thank goodness I have located your site again. Please respond to my email; I want to deal.

  29. Vickie Smith

    I read with interest about your wire services to aid firms that are suffering or just starting out by providing them with non-traceable money through the wire. I am interested in learning more about your business’s operations as well as the timetable for your deliveries. I attempted to send you a personal email, but it was returned to me as being invalid.

    I would like to thank you in advance for your response.

  30. Chrysta Warren

    You are entirely right. I’ve been using this team to send money to my dad in the UK, and he receives it in 2 days, whilst I get mine the same day, just a few hours after paying their charge. This service has impressed me. I strongly advise

  31. Cory Potter

    Recently, I have been using buypagescript.com, and I must say that it has been a fantastic experience for me. Every single one of the deals that I’ve closed up to this point has been a piece of cake for me. One transaction can be completed instantly, and it provides competitive interest rates. I absolutely like the hacker services that you provide.

  32. Carey Norman

    I was concerned because it was my first time ordering an online money transfer, and the amount I wanted to send was $10,000. I wasn’t sure if the transaction would go through correctly. When I contacted their administration, who were in continual connection with me, I was informed that everything was in order despite the fact that I had not received the money as anticipated. Thank you so much to all of you; the transfer was received in the late evening.

  33. Justin Robinson

    After more than three years of using this service, I can confidently say that the overall quality is very high. The transactions are completed quite quickly, and the money that is transferred into my account is usually there the same day or the following day. My experience with hacking teams has been mixed, but this one is easily the finest.

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