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Equipment & Tools to Start – BEGINNERS GUIDE

Equipment & Tools to Start

Equipment & Tools to Start

1. First, the most crucial equipment needed: Magnetic Stripe Writer

2. Second; Used or New Magnetic Stripe Card.

Magnetic cards are available with 2 options:

– Card with magnetic stripe only.
– Card with magnetic stripe and chip.


It is vital for carders to have these physical cards ready at all times to start carding because they will start to the card in stores where buyers require to have their physical cards on site (differ from online carders that only need to have the card data), ATM where they will cash out the cards or other way that requires a physical card.

3. Third (Optional but Recommended): Skimming Devices & Equipment

Magnetic Card Reader

Any carders who wish to gain real data dumps require a skimmer: a card reader. Every magnetic card with written data will always have its data stored on 3 different tracks. These tracks will be read when it is swiped on a reader and the information will be sent to the company’s database to authenticate the cardholder to its primary functions. It can copy the data directly to a computer, laptop, or flash storage. Later then, the data copied can be cloned to another card, which can be used to shop for stuff (it is not as simple as it sounds).

Pin Pad with Memory or Transmission Capabilities

Pin Pad is always a better option to obtain the PIN of the cardholder after retrieving the card data. With better technology today, criminals are able to obtain your PIN directly after you typed in your PIN to the ATM machine. It transmits the recorded PIN using the GSM network directly to the criminal’s phone. During the old days, they usually store the data to flash storage located underneath the pin pad and the only way to retrieve the data is to retrieve the pin pad itself.

Mini Digital Camera

The mini digital camera helps a lot during the old days to obtain the PIN of a card after the person inserted their card into an ATM machine. When people usually do not cover their PIN code, the criminals are able to retrieve their card data + PIN. After retrieving all the necessary data, the skimmer is able to use their card in any ATM and store without being suspected to tamper with the ATM machine at all. In another word, free money.

Partner or Team

With a partner or team to act on skimming, it is possible to peak, and distract, anything that requires social engineering to acquire their card and PIN.

4. Fourth (Important Role): Money

That is correct! Money is required to start skimming. To those who don’t view skimming, carding, or any other criminal activity related to white-collar crime as a bad thing means it is just another dirty business. Any business always requires capital to start. There is obviously no minimum capital to start skimming. It all depends on the person or team itself, on how much they are willing to invest their time and energy to conduct this crime.​

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