An Emv Skimmer is a device installed inside an ATM or POS to capture information and record the credit card between the chip card and the chip reader from the ATM or POS, capturing all credit card data.

You will have fast and easy track 1, track 2, and the pin from all the credit cards that use those ATMs or POSs.

You can download the information from the Emv Skimmer by connecting your phone or laptop by Bluetooth to the Emv Skimmer.

EMV SKIMMER DEVICE like this can not only read the cardholder data from the chip, but it can also intercept the PIN.

EMV SKIMMER DEVICE creates a copy of the original card, including all standard authentication SDA-Static Data Authentication, DDA- Dynamic Data Authentication, the CDA-Combined Data Authentication. With our EMV SKIMMER DEVICE, you can get all credit card information very easily from any ATM or POS.

With EMV SKIMMER DEVICE you can get track 1 + 2 + Pin.

This DEVICE does not need a power supply.

It is so thin and fits perfectly in the slot smart card reader to retrieve the power from it when is copying the original card.

The device can work from (-20 to +45 degrees).

EMV SKIMMER DEVICE fits perfectly into all CHIP card readers that use only a shallow entrance to the chip card, such as ATM and POS terminals.

The device memory can store up to 1700 data records ( copies of cards ) !!!

 How it’s working? 

1. Put a smidgen of glue on the 4 Corners of EMV SKIMMER DEVICE.

2. Embed the reader EMV SKIMMER DEVICE to the CHIP card reader utilizing the supporting card and eliminate it from the reader.

DEVICE is found impeccably in the CHIP card reader and doesn’t reach out past the cover.

3. To remove information from the mounted EMV SKIMMER DEVICE, simply connect with your telephone, tablet, or PC Bluetooth at EMV SKIMMER DEVICE or utilize that unique card to download the data.

The information will naturally go on the smart card.

The put-away memory record at EMV SKIMMER DEVICE will be erased consequently after you eliminate the extraordinary savvy card to re-write information from the following after CHIP cards. EMV SKIMMER DEVICE will be staying in the card reader, to proceed with gathering duplicates of the information from the others cards embedded into the card reader.

4. To extract data from EMV SKIMMER DEVICE connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to EMV SKIMMER DEVICE by Bluetooth.

5. Use the included software to convert data from encryption data to .txt

6. Done.

Now you can do the exact copy of the cloned records.

The end result is an exact copy of the original card.

To do this, use the provided chip card reader/writer and prepaid ISO 7816 IC chip cards.

EMV SKIMMER DEVICE for ATM and POS terminals.

What do you get in the pack:

x1- SHIMMER Skimmer Device – EMV SKIMMER Device


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