Today in this guide we will show you a comprehensive method to card Skrill

Please Note: This method only works with Skrill in the US.

Those of you who are based in the EU/CA/AU/NZ/UK etc and want to card Skrill you are to verify the CC using micro-deposits, e.g. you would need your country bank account with card details so that you can confirm the deposits they put in.

Luckily for those who don’t want to use their own bank account, we have the bank accounts available in our shop however you will need to change the address to your drop address and order the debit card after changing the address, that’s the standard process with all our bank accounts, once you will obtain the debit card you will then use that card in an ATM to withdraw cash from that bank account.

So now that’s out of the way let’s get straight to the subject, we won’t get into the nitty-gritty on how to properly set up your system (use Didi/SSH/socks, change your time zone, etc) as there is already are lots of articles about this here and there.


When using Skrill in the US there aren’t any CC micro deposit verification requirements, but you are to verify your identity and for this, you should have the following info prepared in a text file:

Full Name: John Doe

Address: 1383 Geraldine Lane

City: New York

State: NY

ZIP: 10019

SSN: 305021329

DOB: 04/08/1977

Phone Num: 6463241233

You can buy all the information from our Shop and you are ready to go. You don’t need any background/credit report or anything else. So once you have this info, go to the website and create an account using that information. You can specify any valid cell phone number as there won’t be any call/SMS but still, you need to give a valid number just in case.


After registration is finished, verify your account by clicking the link in the email. Once the email verification is complete you will then enter the email & DoB that you used during registration to complete registration. If skrill now asks you to enter the SSN then it failed to look you up in its database which simply means the info you’ve got at hand is incorrect and someone gave you dead/fake info, to avoid that always buy your tools from our shop we are professionals and in this business for a long time and we are here to do business with you by providing you the best valid tools if for any reason they don’t work (very rare case) we will provide you with a replacement.

So if you have failed the SSN lookup that means you won’t able to use this trick and will have to submit documents (which again can be bought from our shop) or just throw this account and try again with a legit fullz buying from our Shop.

If you’ve bought your tools from us Skrill will successfully find the SSN details in the database, you will still have to pass a small test that is no big deal. Note that you don’t need any extra info like a Background check Credit history etc. Now Skrill will ask you 4 questions. The main trick is that, according to our experience, it has no idea about 2 of 4 answers so you just select “None of the above”.

If Skrill would really know all these answers they would be paying for Background Reports for every single person who tried to register an account, and every single time we created the account we did not have a problem and we gave all the answers we pulled out of a hat. Important Note: The way Skrill US is setup is that if you make any mistake during the initial setup Skrill won’t give you any second chance and request documents, that’s what it did with us while we were deliberately testing but as you get comfortable you end up creating an account every single time considering you have the main details correct such as SSN.


Here is an example set of questions:

1. Which of these roads is close to your address on 1383 Geraldine Lane?

  • PowerHouse Rd
  • Gentry Walk St
  • Chippie St
  • Marion St
  • Time Square Ave
  • None of the above

We don’t know the answer nor does skrill, so we just select “None of the above” and it worked other times we just googled it and then we picked the wrong answer deliberately just to see what it does, Skrill picked that up as wrong and requested the documents instead, so if you know enough you can easily pass this with flying colors by selecting “None of the above” or just by googling as long as you know the address that you’re providing skrill with.

2. Which of these is your astrological sign?

  • Pisces
  • Leo
  • Aquarius
  • Aries
  • Scorpio
  • None of the above

If you have no clue just Google it (remember we have DoB) and provide the correct answer as Skrill is smart enough to know the star sign depending on the DOB you’re providing which means providing the wrong one will kill your account as they will request the docs.


3. Which of the following phone numbers is related to you?

  • (708)785-6060
  • (432)332-4129
  • (307)399-3372
  • (609)347-4866
  • (330)310-7857
  • None of the above

We don’t know the answer and supposedly Skrill doesn’t either, so select “None of the above”.

4. In order to finalize your profile verification please select the Social Security Number bellow that belongs to you and provide the last 4 digits as confirmation:

  • 565-57-XXXX
  • 305-02-XXXX
  • 264-31-XXXX
  • 232-49-XXXX
  • 614-40-XXXX
  • 156-70-XXXX

This is by far the most important one, you should have a valid SSN so just select it and enter the last 4 digits. Congrats!!! Verification is finished and if you have done everything right your account should be ready at this point.


After a successful verification goes to the “Cards and bank accounts” and enter the CC data. The best thing here is that you will use a stolen CC to load onto Skrill so its name doesn’t have to be the same as we have already verified the account and if your CC is live and you bought it from our shop you are good to go. After adding the CC go press “Add Funds” to add money to your balance.

That’s all. We won’t tell you what bins are best for Skrill. You have to buy them from our shop if you buy two or more CC together you will always get the bins with the pair of cards for FREE worth $35 (remember our bins are different each month). If you get stuck at any time or you need any help you can buy our masterclass and we will teach you one-on-one carding that includes this. 

You can also check out our Instant money transfer services available worldwide.

Good Luck!


Good Luck!