Carding Commandments from Professional

Hey Guys!, how are you all doing? Your answers should be “I’m busy making money but if it’s anything other than that means you’re struggling, who can you blame for that other than yourself! Yes, it does sound “harsh” but we are not here to “sugar coat” things for you so that you can feel that you’re making a dent but in reality, you aren’t!

The biggest reason you are reading this article is that you are either frustrated, fed-up, tired of losing (getting ripped is included), or else you are one of those very few people who are constantly improving and seeking knowledge to add it to their arsenal even when they are making a killing with carding.

We admire and appreciate such people, whether you admit the fact that carding/fraud is art or your beliefs are different it doesn’t matter, what’s important is that carding is a skill that’s acquired after repetition and a lot of failures. As a carder/fraudster, you must be dynamic at all times since things are changing (technologically) quicker than they have ever been in human history, and if you are not a quick learner, you will be left behind to pick up the crumbs left by more experienced carders/fraudsters. One of the biggest yet the most complaint that we get from our new readers is that have been “ripped” although we can empathize with them, we can’t help but think that such people do not understand the simple fact that “rippers” do you a favor by telling you to use your gut instincts when trusting people.

The vast majority of our “new readers” who read out articles and methods turn into our customers every single day and then they email us as well as hound us with messages thanking us and what not which is intoxicating but in reality, it wastes our time reading and processing “thank you” emails when there is a feedback option on our site. We also have customers who want us to do a “circus dance” before awarding us their trust and a $20 card order, which is understandable. We’ve grown exponentially, and our service staff of “4 people” has remained the same, which we like and are very happy with. In the past, we have recruited extra help to process the orders faster but it did not work out very well those people not only got greedy and broke the terms but have started “scam sites” and “scam telegram channels” but they completely forgot our mission, its values, and ethos.


As a result, we have received a fair share of negative reviews and media attention, as the saying goes “there is no such thing as negative publicity” we strongly disagree for the sole reason that some of our users lost their hard-earned money, while we did our best to remedy the issue where we could we were unable to restore the trust some of our customers lost, we hope that they will look at the situation and understand the fact that they trusted the phishers who scammed them and not our real site. CARDING COMMANDMENTS FROM PROFESSIONAL

Having said that let’s go with our tips for successful carding

  • Use Premium SOCKS5 (don’t use free or cheap SOCKS4/SOCKS5 or HTTP proxies as they will leak DNS info) which match the cardholder’s billing address.
  • If your CC is from the US, you must use the US drop and so on for other countries.
  • If the gift option is there, use it so it looks like you are shipping a gift to some friend, girlfriend, etc.
  • Try to make orders before holidays like Valentine etc. Now we know this is an old trick but it ALWAYS works for 2 main reasons. 1) The shops get many orders during when it’s the holiday season, so they can treat your order as legitimate. 2) it looks like you are sending a legit gift to your loved ones.
  • For your security, use hacked or open WIFI, and change your MAC address, VPN is always for your own protection and NOT for real-time carding, you use SOCKS5 for carding as we mentioned above.
  • Use Firefox in private mode with extensions. Find some security-related extensions which don’t track your links, clear cookies, LSO & flash cookies, etc. Be creative and explore.
  • Use Gmail/Hotmail/yahoo when ordering or Use @some hipster email provider, one which is not really used by a lot of people. It makes it look legit.
  • If your cardholder is John Jones, use an email that is similar to his name.
  • Have a ready VoIP account and call the shop if they have to confirm information. Usually, they only ask about CC info and shipping address. You don’t want to call them with a man’s voice when CC is a female’s, do you? Use voice changers instead or it’s best if you have a woman in your team, it just makes situations so much easier to deal with, but choose women wisely and only tell them what’s needed for the job, women will always be women it’s not that they are bad but they are women they’re going to act like women, if you have no experience with women in general then just use voice changers they are really good and work.
  • Checking CCs before making a purchase is highly discouraged as most checkers flag/kill CC but adding your CC to google play or any reputable site that doesn’t put any charge on to the card but is based on AVS will tell you whether the card is still alive or not.
  • Check BIN before trying to order. If it is credit platinum, chances are you can buy a ton of things. If its debit classic, good luck with that. You will notice as your experience will grow with time you will use BINS more often, experience professional carders will NEVER get up and try carding something unless they do their research first and BINS are on top of their research list.
  • There are plenty of services that offer DOB and SSN checks. You might want to use them if you dont have fullz at hand.
  • Try to use different sites and your own tuts in different ways. However, dont be lazy because laziness in carding can cost you a fortune not just in a monetary sense but it also robs you of your time, sure you can get the monetary value back as long as you are persistent but what about the lost time? Yes, you won’t get that back!
  • Don’t tell anyone, don’t show off. (Our Rule), Real Professional Carder likes to earn silently, all these wannabes are the ones showing off before they get stung by getting caught.



Always be open to learning by networking with actual carders rather than fraudulent ones; you must develop a sense of intelligence to distinguish between the two; the key thing you will notice is that your gut instinct will tell you who is real and who is not. If your gut feeling fails you, it just means you haven’t had enough experience to build a true sense of your gut sensations.

Keep practicing and remember that being “ripped” isn’t the end of the world; it’s all part of the game; you must learn from your mistakes, get up, and keep going. NEVER ever tell others that you got “ripped” not only does it make you look dumb but it also tells them that you are “new” and don’t offer any real value to them so your chances of teaming up with them are slim to none. We hope that you have gotten a ton of value from these tips and learned new things that you can apply in your carding venture going forward, we wish you the best of luck and happy carding! Carding Commandments from Professional

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Good Luck!