NEW VERSION – NEW INTERFACE, UPGRADED ANTENNA, MODEL V22.3.4 LTE NOW AVAILABLE Use the GSM data receiver to skim ATMs with minimal physical contact. This skimmer will function even if there is no physical connection to an ATM/POS machine. This is our best-seller and the most well-known card skimming device in the world.


This is a GSM data receiver – skimmer. It receives credit card data from ATMs and POS terminals. Small size 5×4 Centimeters, antenna length 17 centimeters. With one charging it can work up to 8 hours and the manufactured memory can capture about 100000 credit card data, with an antenna it can take data within a radius of 50 meters. The device can work from (-25 to +45 degrees).

We use 3.7V 2500mAh batteries. With one charging the device can work up to 8-10 hours. It has built-in a built-in memory of 32 GB, and it can store up to 100000 credit card details with pin codes. 


It is a GSM module receiver that with the assistance of extraordinary software clones and gets all credit card data from ATMs and  POS terminals. The stolen data is put away by your telephone or PC. To gather this data, you simply need to connect the device to your PC or cell phone and the device will send the information to your PC, with the assistance of the product V22.3.4.

GSM receivers have additionally carried out another feature, choice to add power bank to increase skimming lifetime. GSM data receiver is little and you can undoubtedly conceal it in your pack, garments, pocket, or in your vehicle – close to the POS/ATM terminal. The device has two driven lights – Red and Green
Red – Device needs to charge.

Flashing red – The device can work for 30 – 40 min more, afterwards, it needs to be recharged or added power bank or USB charger.
Green+Red – The device is working.
Flashing green – The device is connecting.

The price for GSM Data Receiver is $1700 USD with shipping included.

Price for GSM Data Receiver + MSR credit card writer and 100 empty blank cards $2000 USD with shipping included.


Our services are not free and the payment is in advance
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