In this article, we will discuss how you can become 100% anonymous with anti detect and fraudfox!

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Before we start, If you want to try out Fraudfox you can do so by following the link below. BECOME 100% ANONYMOUS WITH ANTI-DETECT (link will open in a new window)

Their minimum charge is $100 per user per month or you can purchase it for $1200 as we did and you can buy the latest version on from us for $250 that’s less than a quarter of its original price of $1200.

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Ok, so with that out of the way, now we can get right on to how you can become anonymous with fraudfox but first, you must understand what browser fingerprinting is, only then you can understand how you can use fraudfox to become 100% anonymous.


Simply said, anything from a browser that can assist the merchant or payment processors such as PayPal, 2checkout, Stripe, and others in determining that you are the same person who they previously identified as a carder or a regular client.

When you visit a website, online trackers and the site itself may be able to identify you – even if you’ve installed software like a VPN desktop client to protect yourself.

For understanding what sort of information can be harvested from your browser to use it again you simply copy and paste this URL below or just click on it and it will open in a new window: (link will open in a new window)


However, It’s entirely possible to configure your browser to thwart tracking, but many people, especially those who are new to carding simply don’t know how to do that.

So did your curiosity get the better of you?

Did you end up clicking the link to check your browser?

If you did not then do so and those who did must have also clicked “Show full results for fingerprinting” after the test was conducted and saw the following:



This is something which will give away your browser / OS / and their exact version.


These disclose headers that your browser accepts by reading HTTP RFC and giving them a better understanding of your headers.

Browser Plugin Details

Do you have add blocker along with all other plugins installed on your browser, well they get to know all that information.

Time Zone

This tells them your time so they can also see what time zone is set on your system. BECOME 100% ANONYMOUS WITH ANTI-DETECT

Screen Size and Color Depth

This is rather interesting, this one will detect your screen size from the size of your browser and that’s why you should never change your tor window size when surfing the deep web.

System Fonts

This gives away the fonts you’ve installed they can detect those by the flash plugin.

Are Cookies Enabled?

Does your browser accept cookies? cookies can be very unique identification and you could’ve been detected with this very easily.

Limited Supercookie Test

This is far more solid than cookies, DOM, and local storage in simple words means more permanent cookies.

Hash of canvas fingerprint

This is the ID of your browser’s canvas.


This will give away the language of your system that the browser is running on.


This gives away your exact OS, whether its windows, MAC, Linux, or whatever OS browser is using

Touch Support

This tells them whether your system has a touch screen capability or not.

That’s not all, it gives then a variety of other unique information, all about your machine that is linked to you. BECOME 100% ANONYMOUS WITH ANTI-DETECT

Now you can also visit and click on extended version, again you will see the same things with some more fields like DNS, IP range, JAVA, JavaScript, WebRTC, Flash, ActiveX, and again screen, language, and time zone.

All of these can be used as an anti-fraud assessment, but how so?

Well, every single plugin like flash and java-script will give away more programmatic control against you, meaning your targets (merchants/payment processors) can use these tools to detect your real location/IP/DNS which can then easily detect you as someone trying to commit fraud so they decline your transaction.

So you may ask what if we can disable these plugins, will that work?

The short two-letter answer is a NO!

Here’s why! If you disable anything it’s again very suspicion because you stand out and that’s not normal behavior of their conventional customer, so you don’t blend in, and when you don’t blend in you get exposed and caught, meaning a decline of your transaction.

So is there a solution?

Yes, there is! The solution is to spoof your identification to look like a normal customer i.e the real card owner. BECOME 100% ANONYMOUS WITH ANTI-DETECT

If only we could get a cent for every time we get to ask this stupid and silly question is this a card-able store? Oh no, this is not a card-able store!

Let us tell you this “loud and clear” there is “NO” such a thing as “Not a card-able site” they are ALL card-able, if you don’t believe us still, on-site is our carding masterclass,you can buy and let us show you how to card any site of your choice!

If the website is an online store that accepts credit/debit cards it means it CAN be carded, simple as that!

Read more on site blog: How to find the right trustable IP for your machine 

However, If you can’t card it that means you are not good at carding as you missed something while spoofing your browser, even one of your mistake can lead to order decline, and finally what amateurs call “a card-able site” is just a site with poor or without anti-fraud systems in place and that’s all!

Another common conception people have is changing your hard drive, mac address, and hardware-related stuff can give you a new identity, this is ridiculous.

So spoofing is important but also changing your mac address (while still browsing) is also pointless, so now you have a solid understanding of what fingerprinting is, if you still need help remember here on site is our carding masterclass. so let’s get to what anti-detect Fraudfox is.


Well, these are both tools for beating browser fingerprints by spoofing, you can see more info on anti detect by clicking the link below, it costs around $600 and no we are not on their affiliate payroll.

We have bought it from them and we are selling that on site here for only $150 that’s less than 1/3 price and we can also set this up for you and configure in your machine at no cost.

However, if you would like to pay $600 from its original developer you can do so by following the link below:

They added browser generation extended functions so you can make your firefox looks like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Android, or MAC

You can change user agent, OS, language, browser version, platform, flash (version, language, os, fonts, resolution), screen resolution, app name, codename, vendor, product, and many other things, you can make thousands of unique browser fingerprints.

How about one button generator?

It has that too! After you choose preferred options (random mode also available) you can click only one generate button and software will always generate a unique fingerprint for you.

Looking for a one-button system cleaner?

That’s also not a problem, If you don’t like clicking too much and click CCleaner checkboxes.. well.. it can clean your machine with one click of a button.

You can use this software for anonymous registering anywhere and anytime with Firefox. The price of this tool varies, you can rent it per month from $100 – $450 or buy it straight out as we did for $1200.

You can get FraudFox here on our site for $150 only that’s less than a quarter of the price that we paid for and of course, we will set that up for you for free, do NOT get nulled versions they always come with malware and spyware, and besides those they do not work as they are supposed to.

FraudFox is the all-in-one tool for user-agent and device spoofing and perhaps the most advanced and fully detailed virtual machine in its class ever created, never has there been anything like it!

Anti-canvassing Options are also Included FraudFox offers customization options on the HTML 5 canvas element so that you have complete control over it.

FraudFox also prevents IP and DNS leakage WebRTC and DNS requests are forced to follow VPN or SOCKS protocol.

Unencrypted data leakage is well-managed meaning truly anonymous browsing, more than simple user-agent editing, FraudFox offers a lot more features such as device details manipulation via the VM console, changing the network footprint via the obfuscate button, and a lot more.

It is also open to further software installations such as a VPN client within the VM to be able to boost up your anonymous browsing. 

So if you are reading this not only now you know but you also understand how they work.

We have also bought a guide for “Stopping Firefox leaking data about you” you can read and just do it step by step by following the link below:


Congratulations you have made it this far, you have invested this time in you not only to become more aware of your privacy but you have also learned how you can spoof your location and what tools are required for that.

We wish you good luck!

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Good Luck!